TVS 1470  Laser Vein Treatment

Our Laser Vein Treatment is highly effective and performed by our skilled surgeon Dr. James Sherman in Augusta, Ga.

ELAS is the name given to the treatment of the saphenous vein reflux which uses laser energy. The treatment quite similar to the VNUS Closure procedure which is also minimally invasive in nature, but there are some important differences. At Vein Specialists of Augusta, Dr. Sherman performs the endovenous laser ablation using the TVS1470 laser treatment.

Endovenous Laser Ablation Surgery (ELAS) or EVLT Endovenous Laser Therapy are all essentially the same procedure but are called by different names depending on the type of laser used. Each laser vein treatment involves inserting a laser fiber into the saphenous vein or other treated veins to seal (close) the leaking (refluxing) valves. TVS1470 Laser Vein Treatment uses the acronym  ELAS.

What does ELAS stand for?

Endovenous laser ablation surgery

What does EVLT stand for?

Endovenous laser therapy

What does Endovenous mean?

Endovenous means inside the vein

Where is the Saphenous Vein located?

The saphenous vein is the longest vein in the human body. It extends from the top of the foot to the groin area.

Endovenous Treatment available at Vein Specialist of Augusta in Georgia

Is Endovenous Laser Ablation safe?

Endovenous laser ablation treatment is a remarkably safe, effective, and virtually painless procedure for the treatment of varicose veins and spider veins. There can be side effects or complications as with any procedure, so it is imperative to have the procedure performed by a highly qualified specialist vein doctor such as Dr. Sherman.

Is TVS1470 Laser vein treatment painful?

No, the Endovenous laser procedure is virtually pain-free because Dr. Sherman administers an anesthetic to assure each patient’s comfort.

Before and After Laser Vein Treatment - Vein Specialists of Augusta
Before and After Laser Vein Treatment - Vein Specialists of Augusta

How does this Laser Vein Removal work?

First our physician Dr. Sherman accesses the greater saphenous vein with a hollow needle. A thin wire is then passed through the needle and the needle is withdrawn. A slightly larger device called an introducer is passed in over the wire and the wire is then removed. A laser filament with a diameter of less than 1/8 inch is then passed through the introducer into the vein and threaded up to within 1 1/2 cm. of the saphenofemoral junction in the groin. At this time an anesthetic mixture is injected along the length of the vein to be treated. The laser system that supplies the laser energy is then turned on and the filament is withdrawn at a rate that creates changes in the vein causing it to close. Dr. Sherman offers multiple solutions to treat varicose and spider veins.

What are the benefits of  TVS1470 Laser Vein Treatment?

  • Performed under local anesthetic, with or without oral sedation, in the office
  • No IV, hospital stay, or recovery room time
  • Minimally invasive, resulting in a very small risk of infection, blood loss, noticeable scars, or other significant problems
  • Less than 1 hour treatment time on average
  • Rapid recovery
  • Normal daily activities are encouraged immediately after having EVLT ( with exception to strenuous exercise)
  • You can return to work without using valuable paid time off for most occupations
  • Excellent clinical and aesthetic results
  • Minimal pain compared to outdated and more invasive treatments
  • More cost effective than traditional treatments
Before and After Laser Vein Treatment - Vein Specialists of Augusta
Before and After Laser Vein Treatment - Vein Specialists of Augusta

What happens after the procedure?

After the procedure, a bandage (to supply compression) is applied to the leg and a compression stocking is put on over the bandage and both are worn overnight. The next day the bandage is removed and the compression stocking is worn during the day for the next 7 to 10 days. Normal activities can be resumed immediately with the exception of jogging and other strenuous activities, those can be resumed after 7-10 days on average.

Patients should wait to do those strenuous activities until Dr. Sherman releases them to do so. Remember, everyone is different. Post-operative instructions will be given to each patient prior to leaving the office on the day of the procedure.

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