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Vein Quiz

Vascular health is critical for your body’s circulation, health, and well-being. Take our quiz below and discover whether you should consider getting a vein evaluation and vascular treatment here at Vein Specialists Of Augusta.

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Have you or anyone in your family ever had a history of vein problems, such as varicose veins, spider veins, or chronic venous insufficiency?
Varicose veins are problematic veins with a bulging, rope-like twisted appearance. Can you see any varicose veins on your legs?
Spider veins are problematic veins that are bluish, reddish, or purplish in color and look like tiny spider legs or tree branches. Can you see any spider veins on your legs?
Do you experience tingling, itching, cramping, discomfort, burning, or numbness in your feet and/or legs?
At times, do your legs feel heavy or fatigued?
Do you experience leg pain when you have been sitting or standing for long periods of time?
Do your ankles ever swell by the end of the day?
Do you have any skin discoloration on your legs?
Some vein problems can lead to leg ulcers or open sores, especially in the lower leg and ankle area. Do you have any ulcers or open sores on your lower legs and/or ankles?
Are you ready to schedule a vein consult to better learn how we can help you?