Can Losing Weight Help Spider Veins?

Weight management is an important part of maintaining healthy vein circulation. If you have spider veins and you are overweight, losing weight can improve your symptoms and prevent future vein problems, but it will not help get rid of spider veins that have already formed. Only vein treatment from a vein specialist can eliminate existing spider veins.

Why Being Overweight May Cause Spider Veins

Spider veins are caused by poor circulation. When a person is overweight, the additional weight and pressure forces the circulatory system to work harder. Like any overtaxed system, this may cause parts of it to malfunction. Overburdened veins can develop valve problems and become spider veins (thin, spiky veins visible through the skin) or varicose veins (bulging, ropey veins visible through the skin).

How Weight Loss Can Help Ease Symptoms of Spider Veins

Losing weight may help ease symptoms that are commonly associated with spider veins because it relieves some of the pressure on the circulatory system. Spider vein symptoms such as leg pain, discomfort, or a feeling of heaviness may all be reduced with weight loss. However, weight loss will not be able to erase a spider vein that has already formed. It cannot be repaired, so destroying the veins is the only way to “treat” or get rid of them.

Weight Loss is Better for Prevention, Not Treatment of Spider Veins

Weight loss works best for  prevention, not as a treatment for spider veins. Only vein treatments such as sclerotherapy or laser vein treatment can eliminate spider veins. But even though weight loss will not be able to get rid of spider veins, it can help to ease your symptoms, and it can help to prevent new spider veins from forming. If you are overweight, healthy weight loss is recommended to reduce your risk of developing spider veins or varicose veins.

What You Can Do to Get Rid of Spider Veins

Weight loss can improve circulation and lessen spider vein symptoms, but the only way to treat spider veins is with specialist vein treatments like sclerotherapy. Our vein experts at Vein Specialists of Augusta offer highly effective vein treatments that can erase your spider veins for good. Getting vein treatments and losing excess body weight will likely help to improve your circulation long term and reduce your risk of spider veins in the future.

To learn more about spider veins and weight loss, schedule your appointment with Dr. Sherman at Vein Specialists of Augusta. Call (706) 854-8340 or contact us online to book your appointment today.

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