VenaSeal: A Safer Treatment for Damaged Veins

Venaseal Procedure:-

Damaged veins like varicose veins and spider veins need to be treated to improve health and alleviate symptoms. But which vein treatment is best? While multiple vein treatments are highly effective, the VenaSeal closure system provides an added measure of safety: with this treatment, there is no risk of thermal nerve injury.

Reduces Risk of Nerve Damage

The small saphenous vein (sometimes called the short saphenous vein, or SSV) is an important superficial vein on the back of the leg. Very close to this vein lies the sural nerve, which supplies sensation to the skin down the back of the leg.

When the SSV becomes damaged or varicose, vein treatment is needed to improve circulation in the leg. However, because of its close proximity to the sural nerve, treating the SSV can put the sural nerve at risk of injury. This damage is more likely to occur when thermal treatments such as laser and radiofrequency ablation are performed. On the other hand, non-thermal treatments (like VenaSeal) greatly reduce the risk of nerve damage and in some cases, prove even more effective in improving venous circulation.

Advantages of VenaSeal

While some vein treatments use high thermal energies that can cause nerve damage, VenaSeal is a non-thermal vein treatment. During a VenaSeal treatment, a proprietary medical adhesive is delivered into the vein. Acting like a glue, this adhesive closes the vein without posing a risk to the surrounding nerves. This vein treatment is unique as it completely eliminates the risk of thermal nerve injury.

Demonstration of Venaseal Procedure 

Clinical studies of VenaSeal have demonstrated that this procedure is safe and effective. It also improves the patient’s experience, as there is no need for tumescent anesthesia. With VenaSeal, patients do not have to worry about the potential for nerve damage and can receive effective treatment for their varicose veins. It is an excellent treatment choice for most patients seeking treatment for a varicose SSV.

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